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English zum z'Mittag

12:00 - 13:30 




Students bring their own lunch, we provide the rest: microwave, dishes, cutlery, water and syrup. 

We engage in conversation, play games, read, learn with worksheets and much more!

All in English, all in a relaxed atmosphere, because we understand this is the students' lunch break. We focus on speaking skills for mutual understanding with joy. 

Conversational English lessons are a way for students to feel more comfortable speaking, break speaking barriers and become more competent English speakers.



Vorderdorfstrasse 40

8112 Otelfingen

Mo, Tu, Th


Primarschule Boppelsen

Mehrzweckraum 3

Schulstrasse 1

8113 Boppelsen



CHF 25 per lesson / billed per semester.

Semester I:  

Beginning of the school year until sport vacation.

Semester II:  

Sport vacation until the end of the school year.

Students are welcome to join anytime during the semester!  


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