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Our Goals

Our goal is to help children learn English to communicate freely and joyfully with others. Through our conversation classes, children are encouraged to speak English in a relaxed, fun atmosphere through games, lessons, and simple tasks based on Positive, Productive and Playful principles. We prioritize speaking skills and having fun together. The English zum z'Mittag is a weekly time to nourish both bodies and brains.


Adventure Camps help us explore Swiss nature in English.  We hope that by engaging with the outdoors in the company of friends, we can make English learning fun.


Elm, Switzerland.  View from above the camp house.


3P  * Productive * Positive * Playful

The "3P" stands for Positive, Productive & Playful -- the values of 3P English School.


In the spirit of playfulness, positivity, and productivity, 3P added English Adventure Camp offerings in the spring of 2020.  3P aims to organize 5-day school vacation camps each fall, spring, and summer.  Our camps take place in the Swiss mountains in different neighboring cantons.  


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