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Do you speak English?

An English School with a Purpose

Children sitting at cafeteria table whil

English Lessons over Lunch

​In our English zum z'Mittag classes we focus on learning English using the 3P principles: Productive, Positive and Playful. Students are immersed in English conversation through games, engaging discussions, songs, and much more. We work in a relaxed atmosphere where students can joyfully develop and strengthen their English speaking skills. Come lunch and learn with us!

Picknick nach dem Camping

English Adventure Camp

Our camps are filled with adventure, nature, community and fun. We gather around the campfire, play games, explore nature and strengthen our community skills. Our camps provide an English-immersive experience using the 3P principles:  Productive, Positive and Playful. Join us in the mountains we would love to learn with you!

Referenzen  / Testimonials

"Ich möchte mich noch bedanken für die gute Zeit, die Maelle letzte Woche im englisch-lager hatte. Sie hatte wirklich wieder riesig freude."
- Daniela Vettiger
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